Services of local telephone communications in Tashkent

Service fixed-wire telephone communication in Tashkent (local telephone connection) is telephone connection between users who are usually within Tashkent area.

Tashkent city telephone network is the most powerful and progressive company of Uzbektelecom joint stock company, providing telephony services in the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The history of the formation of city telephone network consists of more than 120 years [see the history of the development TShTT]. The capacity of the Tashkent telephone network is more than 640.000 phone numbers, a network-connected using 130 km of fiber-optic cable, which is used for transmitting voice, Fax, video, data and various additional services.

For making a Contract on rendering of telecommunication services the physical person applies written statement local telecommunication unit. Application for making Contract is satisfied in the presence of technical capability and document of the citizen confirming the registration at the specified address, or document on the acquisition of residential premises in the property.

Within one month from the date of the registration statement, the representatives of the telecommunication unit informs the applicant about the decision taken in writing form.

Tariffs are set according to the Price list № 125-1/1.

Local telephone calls are paid by the subscriber or time-based payment systems in accordance with the Price list № 125-1/1.

If you have questions You can ask them via the feedback form.

For more detailed information about the service please contact by phone the local telecommunication centers of regional branches of companies. Services completely correspond to the RULES of rendering of telephone communication services in telecommunication networks of the General using (appr. The Uzbek Agency for communication and Informatization 31.03. 2004, № 98).

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