Private corporate network (VPN)

For corporations that have an extensive branch network TShTT offers to create a unified communications infrastructure on virtual private network base (VPN)that will greatly simplify the interaction of remote objects. Due to the wide network infrastructure communication, TShTT allows the VPN connection by ADSL technology based on your existing phone lines.

To obtain the VPN connection service it is enough to install a telephone connected to the TShTT network.

Private corporate networks enable companies to transfer data between their offices in protected mode. Private corporate network are most essential for organizations that need confidentiality of the transmitted information (financial and insurance companies, banks, operators of the property, distribution of goods and services and so on).

You can choose a personal Manager who will advise you and accompany the contract at all stages of our cooperation. VPN connection: advantages

Efficiency of VPN connection


VPN connection provides the ability to create a centralized scheme for distributed objects to transfer data from them to a Central site that is used for solving wide range of tasks, in particular:

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