In connection with the opening services sales of the company "Uzbektelecom" organized on the principle of "single window", the tariffs for Internet services to individuals and legal entities are posted on the Uzonline website.

Price list №125-1/1 Russion version, The marginal levels of tariffs for universal telecommunication services. Introduced with 20.10.2017.
Uzbek version is here.

Price list №125-1/2. The marginal levels of tariffs on certain telecommunication services, in the Uzbek language here. Introduced with 1.07.2015.

Price list №125-1/7 Russion version. Tariffs for telecommunication services that are installed "Uzbektelecom" on a contract (free) basis,
Uzbek version is here.

Additional tariff

Additional services Web hosting

Tariff plans for the service video telephony

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